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Reported by Jason Miles

Sides meet as school funding debate continues

The BRIDGES center downtown was neutral ground as those from Memphis City Schools met with city leaders, this time outside a courtroom.

"We all have the same goals. To make sure the Memphis City Schools are fully funded," council member Myron Lowery said.

But city leaders said that does not include city funding. They have already taken away millions for schools. And a recent compromise cut into the district's rainy day fund.

"Even though the appearance is that everything is going to be okay and alright, it's not like that," school board member Sharon Webb said.

During a brief presentation, the district reiterated it will face possible bankruptcy if the current funding scenario remains in effect.

Some city council members were willing to listen, but were not swayed.

The continuing court battle will determine if the city needs to pitch in again. But future funding may require future meetings.

"We've got to to sit down among all the parties. There's the county, the city, and the schools," superintendent Kriner Cash said.

It seems everyone can agree on that.

"This is not Memphis City Council versus MCS, or anybody versus anybody. It's about bringing everyone together," city council member Shea Flinn said.            

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