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Reported by Jamel Major

Worker on Riverside Drive finds himself stuck in the mud

It was a muddy rescue Tuesday morning after a construction worker found himself stuck in the wet ground.

A.J. Ray had only been on the job for a short time, as he and other crew members installed a fence along Riverside Drive, when he fell into a wet spot.

The area was so soft, the immediately sunk down.  It happened so suddenly, all Ray and his co-workers could do was react.

"The mud was about to go over my head, I thought for a minute," Ray said. "I was walking with a bucket trying to get some water to mix that concrete in a wheel barrow and stepped in a hole."

The next thing Ray knew, his body was covered with the slushy mess. He was trapped, and could barely move.

"The fireman and another dude had to help me get out. They hooked a track hoe to me and was picking me up. Put it under my arm and picked me up out," Ray said.

While Ray had a lot to be grateful for, the incident was a lesson learned. Ray said next time he will be more careful about where he steps.
Ray is doing fine, and none of the other workers were injured.

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