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Lawyer's in Bradford case explain why case is far from starting

The murder of a U of M football player dominated the news 10 months ago.

The case was recently featured on the cable show, The First 48 and Wednesday, it moved back into a Shelby County courtroom.

Taylor Bradford was shot to death on the University of Memphis Campus last September. He was a business and marketing major and played football for the Tigers.

Four men are charged with his murder.

Courtney Washington is the only defendant who actually appeared in court Wednesday.

The other three were scheduled to do so. However, their lawyers settled a new report date before it ever began.

Courtney Washington, Victor Trezevant, DaeShawn Tate, and Devin Jefferson are all accused in Bradford's murder.

The trial is nowhere close to starting, and attorneys explained why.

"We have an investigator that right now has begun to investigate from the defense angle. We will be interviewing witnesses, interviewing state witnesses. There's a lot to be done," Trezevant's attorney Bill Massey said.

"What you have to do is coordinate all the cases together. Make sure everybody's taken care of," Tate's attorney T. Flowers said.

Flowers said the main concern is making sure no one's rights are violated.

A court will decide later whether the four defendants will be tried separately or at the same time.

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