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Reported by Nick Kenney

Smoking line leads firefighters to return to 862 Baltimore Street

For the second time in four days, firefighters rushed to 862 Baltimore Street.

Saturday morning, fire ripped through a back apartment, killing seven people.

"It shouldn't have even happened. shouldn't even happened," victim's uncle Stanley Crawford said.
Stanley Crawford lost nieces and nephews. This time, he noticed the smoke rising in the back of the house.
The problem: an electrical wire connecting the utility pole to the house.

MLGW crews cut the line. They said it wasn't live, that the utilities were cut off after the fire.

MLGW says it doesn't know what caused the smoke. But Crawford said the smoking line is the smoking gun.

"This proves what I was saying all the time. The faulty wiring that was into the house, running to the house, or in the house, you know, that caused the fire," Crawford said.

But the landlord said he had done his part to fix all electrical issues.

And the Memphis Fire Department said investigators could not determine the cause of the fire.

They said the investigation is closed.

Late Wednesday afternoon, city and state fire investigators returned to Baltimore, looking through the aftermath. Even checking the wiring to the house.

An eventful day for a family waiting for answers to what happened.

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