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Obama loses ground as nation awaits VP candidate

On the presidential campaign trail, we know that Barack Obama will name his running mate sometime between now and Saturday.  New poll numbers show him losing ground to John McCain.

Thursday, John McCain is off to Arizona, where he will watch Barack Obama's rollout of his running mate.  The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that for Obama it could be a high-stakes decision.

John McCain begins his vacation showing new traction with voters.  An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll puts him within three points of Barack Obama, cutting Obama's lead from a month ago in half.

It puts new pressure on Obama's every pitch to voters.

"Why in the heck would you wanna do the same things that we've been doing over the last 8 years?" Obama asked at a Wednesday campaign stop.  "We need change, and thats why I'm running for President."

Obama continues his swing through Virginia today.  Yesterday, it was Short Sugar's Barbecue in Danville with the popular ex-governor.  Today he's with governor Tim Kaine outside Richmond.  Could it be an Obama-Kaine ticket?

Another contender, Joe Biden, gave no clues.

"I have not had another single thing I could tell you," Biden said.

A McCain prospect, Joe Lieberman, is in war-torn Georgia as his unofficial envoy.

The NBC poll shows McCain dominating Obama on foreign policy.  And, the Hillary factor lingers.  13% of voters say they're still undecided.  Half of those wanted Clinton for president.

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