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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

New evidence could have major impact the Ashley Scott trial

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - New evidence could prove a history of domestic violence in the case of a Shelby County teacher that was beaten to death.

Jeffrey Scott is charged in the 2006 murder of his wife Ashley, a popular teacher a Bolton High School.  At a motions hearing in criminal court Thursday, prosecutors asked to introduce new evidence that could suggest that Jeffrey Scott intended to kill his wife. 

There are no legal documents that suggest Ashley Scott was in an abusive marriage with her husband.  But if prosecutors have their way, witnesses will testify that the beloved high school teacher's relationship with her husband was a rocky one with the potential for violence.
"The two allegations that we made in our motion (are) some prior abuse against her and prior threats to kill her," state prosecutor Karen Cook said Thursday.

Jeffrey Scott's attorney, Leslie Ballin,said he would like to keep that new evidence out of the courtroom. 

"The defense objects to it," Ballin said. "(It) shouldn't be allowed in the trial in this case. This case isn't going to be what happened, but why things happened."

Prosecutors agreed to provide Ballin with their list of potential witnesses so he can conduct his own investigation before Jeffrey Scott's murder trial begins in January.

"We're entitled to have this list of witnesses," Ballin said. "We're entitled to ask these people what they have to say, and that's what we're going to do."
Ashley Scott's adoptive father and sister were in court Thursday, but preferred not to speak on camera, only saying they had faith in state prosecutors.

"They're obviously hoping for the maximum," Cook said. "They want Mr. Scott in prison."
Jeffrey Scott has been out of jail on $250,000 bond while waiting to go to trial.  While his trail is set to begin January 12th, attorneys will be back in court in October to determine what to do with the new evidence, which could have a major impact on the verdict.

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