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Reported by Justin Hanson

Navy sailors help clean up Tipton County museum

COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - For nine years, sailors from the Naval Support Activity Mid-South have pitched in to clean up the grounds of the Tipton County Veterans Museum and Nature center. 

From pressure washing the sidewalk and weed eating the grounds, to cleaning windows and raking debris, Navy sailors say they're happy to help spruce up the grounds of Tipton County's Veterans Museum and nature center.

"It's a lot of work - its good work," said trainee James Rettinger. "It's a great, and a lot of fun to give back to the community."

Despite wet conditions Friday morning, the sailors cleaned up the grounds as part of a six week training process designed to prepare them for their job as Navy Chiefs.

"Cutting trees, digging out weeds, everything - tires, trash, poison ivy, poison oak, everything out here," Rettinger said.

The hundred or so Chief Petty Officers that come out every year take away about two tons of trash from the Tipton County Veteran's Museum,  Their hard work saves the city of Covington $15,000 to $20,000 a year in grounds maintenance.

"Its not so much the labor - it is a community service and the pride they get from actually giving back to the community that does support the military around here," said Senior Chief Petty Officer Joseph Mulder.

Museum officials watched as the sailors hauled off loads of trash and debris.

"Without them, it probably wouldn't look nearly as well as it does because of the manpower," said museum chair Vernon Pairamore.

Free manpower from those who want to give back to a place that honors those who serve our country.  If all goes as planned, the trainees will be officially promoted to Naval Chief Petty Officers in mid-September.

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