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Reported by Justin Hanson

Coke collector builds 1950’s diner to hold memorabilia

A Tipton County woman is taking her love of a popular soft drink to an all new level. In fact, she has built several buildings on her property in order to house her Coca-Cola Addiction. 

Burlison resident Debbie Embry spent ten years building her soft drink stash and she said she is running out of room to store it all. 
"It started with a little garden shed out back and we collected and we collected old memorabilia for that," Embry said.

And now, ten years later, Embry's Coke collection has definitely grown. Her newest showroom is an exact replica of a 1950's diner, something she said helps quench her thirst for nostalgia.

"I got bit by the bug. I like Coke, and I just found a lot of things and wanted a place to display them," Embry said.

From the black and white checkered floors to the jukebox playing Elvis tunes, Embry said her collection is one of a kind.

"Don't you love it?  The black and white checkered floors , the red and white checkered. It's all the colors that stand out. I love red and white," Embry said.

Embry's collection began in her old country store and barber shop.  It is filled with everything from Coke products to old medicine bottles, not to mention the ever popular game of checkers.

"You would probably say I've gone overboard a little bit. That's what my children say. But it's just what I like to do," Embry said.

And even though the diner is not open for meals, Embry said it gives her and her husband a chance to take a step back in time by simply stepping out their back door.  

In early October, Debbie Embry is opening her collection up to the public free of charge.  Her next project is to build a replica of an old gas station next door to the diner.

Ironically, Embry and her husband primarily drink Pepsi.

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