Spraying for mosquitos

Tonight the West Nile worries continue to grow in the Mid-South. As the worries grow, the health department is working to protect YOU! Memphians want to know if the Health Department is spraying for mosquitoes in their neighborhood. Vector Control says it's been spraying for the last three weeks, consecutively. But, Vector Control says it is not spraying every zip code in the city.

The Memphis and Shelby County Vector Control sprayed more than 40-gallons of insecticide, this morning, hoping to kill every mosquito in its path. Many residents are looking forward to hearing and seeing the mosquito truck drive down their street, but Vector Control says it's not spraying every neighborhood. Louis Lacey, Vector Control said, "We have to have a scientific reason to go out and spray the adultacide. We don't just decide to go out and adultacide a neighborhood."

Lacey says they use data from traps set out in neighborhoods where several residents have called and complained about mosquitoes. They also data from several stationary mosquito traps located throughout the area. "If we set a trap out in a neighborhood and capture two or three hundred mosquitoes and a large percentage of those mosquitoes are Culex then that warrants us to go out and spray a neighborhood." Lacey says there are 47 different types of mosquitoes in the Mid-south. Culex mosquitoes are the ones that normally carry the West Nile Virus. He says the health department is also giving away free mosquito eating fish to people with ponds in their yards. Yet another security measure this Memphian says is helpful. Resident Dewey Aureli said, "Even though we change all our water bird baths around all that we change them daily, it's still a scary situation especially at my age."

Vector Control says after it finishes it's intensive spraying, it will set out more traps and continue testing the mosquito population in Memphis and Shelby County.