Lee named deputy director of city park services

Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Joseph Lee has been named deputy director of city park services, according to a letter sent to City Council members Friday by Mayor Willie Herenton.

He will start September 8th making $104,822 a year.

"I wish the city council had the authority to approve deputy director's as we do directors," city council member Bill Boyd said.
Councilman Boyd says Lee left the city in a multimillion dollar deficit as finance director and he resigned at MLGW amid accusations of political favors and gross mismanagement.

"It's almost like rewarding him as a  friend.Once again," Boyd said.
The mayor is certainly a friend. When federal charges were dropped against Lee in June, his friend Mayor Herenton was one of the first to speak up.

"Joseph Lee was a victim. It was never about Joseph Lee. It has always been about Willie Herenton," Herenton said.
Next month, Lee will back on the city payroll with taxpayers paying his six figure income.

"It was in your face politics and it was symbolic," political analyst Dr. Larry Moore said. "It's kind of in your face of the federal government. You should have left him alone the first time but now he's putting him in a place where you can't really challenge his competence."
Without any oversight the mayor can appoint former bodyguards and friends. No questions asked.

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