Police respond to shooting in McDonald's parking lot

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A frantic dinner hour outside a Memphis McDonald's as a man was shot while sitting in his car. The gunman remains on the run. The victim, 21 year-old Willie Edwards, is in critical condition.

Witnesses said he was shot in the neck and abdomen.

Just steps away from the front door of that McDonald's, as customers ordered food inside. Police worked outside. Investigating a routine crime in an unusual place.

The shots rang out in the middle of rush hour.

"Arrived on the scene, We had one subject who was shot in his car," Lt. Col. Don Boyd of the Memphis Police Department said.

Witnesses said he was shot in the neck and stomach by a man wearing a red bandana.

They said he walked up to the gray Ford and shot the victim point blank before getting away, possibly in a white convertible.

The victim was identified by those who know him as 21 year-old Willie Edwards.

A scene so bloody witnesses say, it is amazing Willie Edwards survived at all.

"I really just hope and pray for the family of the victim and the family of the man who did it -- just have mercy on them and Lord, just please watch out for these people," witness Kim Maxwell said.

Employees inside at the time of the shooting consider themselves lucky. So did diners.

Police have yet to release any detailed suspect information, but if you know who he is, call Crime-Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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