Katrina evacuees back in Memphis

Many of evacuees arriving in Memphis this weekend are worried that Hurricane Gustav could be another Katrina.

The Price family of New orleans faced Katrina just three years ago.

Over the weekend, they drove 11 hours to seek refuge in Memphis.

"We need shelter...shelter, food and clothes," said Miriam Price.

Miriam Price's family was first in line at the Red Cross in Memphis.

Her daughter Daphne said they ignored suggestions to evacuate their home in New Orleans 9th Ward when Katrina struck, and they paid a heavy price for staying.

"It was terrible," said Daphne Price. "They had us in the Superdome."

After struggling for three days with thousands of people in the Superdome, the Price family was evacuated to Knoxville, Tennessee.

They lived in Knoxville up until about six months ago, when they finally moved home to New Orleans. Miriam Price says she hoped she was back home for good. Having to evacuate again is the last straw for her.

"And I'm back again, back in Tenessee," she said. "But this time, I don't plan on leaving. I'm going to stay. I'm staying."

Red Cross officials say the Price family is among about 3,000 New Orleans area residents they're trying to help.

"What we are doing for these people at the shelters, besides offering them a place to eat and sleep, there's also medical attention, there's mental health counseling," said Rick Roberts of The Red Cross.

Daphne Price says she likes Tennessee, too, but New Orleans is home. She hopes to move back to The Big Easy.

But her mother thinks it would be better for the family to stay put in Tennessee.

"I'm not coming back," said Price. "I'm not coming back...I'm relocating."

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