New information uncovered about woman claiming to be carjacked

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - New information has been uncovered about the carjacking of a Louisiana evacuee. Memphis Police said the victim is not telling the whole story.

Police said Dominica Smith may have told a half-truth.

Dominica Smith said two gunmen carjacked her when she asked for directions to a Red Cross shelter. Tuesday, police said her story is full of holes.

"She had already come to Memphis, was already booked at a hotel," Monique Martin of the Memphis Police Department said.

Martin said Smith dropped her kids off at a hotel and left with her friend to visit family at a shelter, but she first took a little detour.

"Met up with two males at a carwash on Getwell where they were taken on Beale Street for the evening," Martin said.

Police said the men took Smith's car after they all smoked marijuana and partied on Beale.

Action News 5 confronted Smith about the new twist. She had a new hair style and new clothes on her back.

She claimed she was going to prosecute despite her signature is all over this refusal to prosecute.

Police said Smith and her friend gave them two different reports of what happened.

Our camera is not allowed on private property and our microphone was too far away to pick up the conversation, but her friend denied any wrongdoing.

Smith will not be charged with filing false charges because police said she never changed her story.

Police caught the two suspects, but let them go after Smith refused to prosecute.

Investigators said they have a good idea where the car may be.

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