Vols Out of Poll/SEC Loses Top Spot

It seems there's quite a difference between who's ranked where in the Pre-Season Polls then where teams are when they actually start playing the games..

The Tennessee Vols found it out the hard way late last night..

So did the Georgia Bulldogs..

Both were members of the A.P.'s Pre-Season Top 25...

Today, their stars are dimmed a bit..

Georgia Falls to number 2 behind New Number One USC in the First Poll of the Regular Season.

Florida is 5th.

LSU gets a first place vote, but stays at 7th...

Auburn up a spot to number 9..with Alabama taking the Biggest Jump..11 spots to number 13 after clobbering Clemson.

Ole Miss' next opponent, Wake Forest, comes in at Number 20..

UCLA gets into the poll at #23 after beating Tennessee 27-24 in OT.

South Carolina makes it's debut at Number-24.