Redbirds End Year Looking to Remain Part of Cardinals Organization

Now that the Memphis Redbirds' Baseball season is over, the organization is turning its attention to renewing its player development contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Redbirds have teamed with the Cardinals since 1998 through a series of 2 and 4 year agreements.

The current one expired Monday, and a new agreement has not yet been reached.

Indianapolis, which had been aggressively seeking an affiliation with St.Louis, has since signed a deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

That's good news, says Redbird's President Dave Chase.

"Minor League baseball has a gag order in place until mid-september, but I would be shocked if we didn't renew with the Cardinals. We're not there yet, but we're real close."

Chase says, the Redbirds "in game" attendance was up this year, but revenues were down.

No matter what happens with the Cardinals, Memphis is gaurunteed a team under minor league rules.