Louisiana residents clean up, rebuild

As chainsaws attack a century old pecan, friends turn into amateur tree cutters.

"They're trying to clear as many branches as they can," said Connie Bourgeious of St. Gabriel, Louisiana, where she's lived in a 19th century plantation house for over 20 years.

Hurricane Gustav nearly tore the house down.

"It was whipping and the rain was coming down," she said. "It was going three or four different directions at one time."

Bourgeious watched the storm tear a hole in her house, exposing a private room. The bathroom was destroyed. But she's rebuilt before and she'll do it again, she says.

Back in Baton Rouge, similar renovations are in order across the city.

"I came home, found a tree branch has fallen down on top of my house, flooded the inside," said John Lands.

For those homes still intact, there's no power and no gas.

"I just left my generator here so they could pump the fuel from the ground," said resident Evan Cooper. He's one of a lucky few to fill up. He and a buddy gave up a generator to power the pumps.

Many residents say they're simply grateful to still be standing.

"We consider ourselves lucky because it could've been a lot worse," said resident Craig Chumney.

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