Freshman move into new dorms at Union University

Despite Thursday morning's torrential downpour in Jackson, new students at Union University were excited to move back onto a virtually new campus.

Even though many of the freshmen were not on campus during the tornado earlier this year, they remember hearing stories of how buildings and lives were ripped apart.

"Even though it devastated the dorms and everything, nobody was seriously hurt so I feel safe here...definitely," freshman Heather Dragg said.

"I'm excited. I've had a countdown on my wall for the last 100 days and I can't wait to starting meeting people and getting involved here," freshman Lacey Hampton said.

University officials said they have completed a 10 year building project in about six months.

In that time, fourteen new dorms were built on campus.

Severe weather was certainly important for Union officials when they built the 14 new dorms on campus. Each dorm has a safety room in every downstairs apartment. The safety rooms are equipped with reinforced concrete walls and triple locks on the doors.

Students said they feel safe no matter what.

"Its nice. Nothing like home. Nothing can beat home, but its as close as you can get to it," freshman Randall Elrod said.

"I'm just so excited. We still got some construction to work on but its so beautiful. It is just a miracle we're even here," senior Rachael Moore said.

And for many, the new freshmen represent a new day in the life of a University that has been hit hard by nature's wrath.

Around 450 freshman moved in Thursday.  The upperclassmen move in on Saturday.

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