Mid-South group that helps soldiers needs help

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South groups that sends care packages to men and women overseas is asking for help.

For the thousands of Mid-South military personnel serving overseas 'Project Package' helps make time away from home a bit more bearable.

"We do support our soldiers no matter what and the American people have an opportunity to do that. And if people know about it, they are gonna support our soldiers," group coordinator Rickey Pope said.

Pope founded Project Package four years ago to give Mid-South troops a touch of home.

"We can't go forward without a support element, and that support element comes in the form of Project Package," Capt. Bryan Sullins said.

Since the effort began, the approximate number of packages sent to soldiers totals between 15,000-20,000. It has been made difficult recently due to a lack of funds and help from the community.

"We need supplies as much as anything. Of course our funds are very low on paying for postage," Pope said.

Pope said the group pays nearly $11 for every package that is sent, but was quick to note that he has never failed to send one due to the generosity of others.

Teresa Lane, a volunteer who has a son in the military, said that the responses from those who have received the packages is very emotional.

If you want to contribute supplies, time or money, click here.

Click here to e-mail Chip Washington.