Death in random shooting leaves residents fearful

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Residents at a Memphis apartment complex say crime has become a constant in their life.

Martha McKinney was shot and killed by a stray bullet Wednesday night at the Hillview Apartments.  Her death left neighbors wondering what steps they can take - if any - to take back their neighborhood.

"I'm fearful for my life, just as well as these other neighbors are," resident Judy Haley said.

Even before Wednesday night's shooting, Haley said, residents at the complex were familiar with the sound of gunfire.  At times, she's even grateful for criminals who consider her safety.

"Sometimes the guys who have the guns in their hands...they will be respectful enough and say, 'If you want to live, go in the house,'" she said.

But Wednesday's shooting proved being inside isn't always enough in a community full of small children.

"All these kids be running around here playing and stuff," resident Tasha Carr said.  "There is something that needs to be done about it."

But residents aren't certain what they can do.  Many don't have the money to move, but are not confident about the security provided by the apartment complex.  
"Late night sometimes there be a security guard riding through here, but lately we haven't been seeing him," Carr said.

"We haven't had any security on this ground for the past four months," Haley added.

Neighbors hope something can be done to improve their quality of life, but any changes will come too late for the latest victim of a deadly crime.

In the month of August alone, there were 17 crimes in the area surrounding the apartment complex, including crimes like aggravated assault, robbery, drug possession, and stolen cars.

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