Officials complain about items missing from the Pyramid

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Though the operators of the empty arena claim everything is accounted for, dozens of items are missing from the Pyramid Arena, and city leaders want to know where things went.

Pictures obtained by Action News 5 show the Pyramid is missing massive amounts of cooking and concession equipment, file cabinets, office furniture, and other items.

Acting Memphis City Council Chairman Myron Lowery, along with Council member Bill Boyd, wants to know exactly what was taken and where it all went.

"(We want to know) what was in the Pyramid - before items were moved - where they were moved to, and why they were moved to these individual areas," Lowery said Friday.

No one on the Memphis City Council or Shelby County Commission knew the items were moved.

"Everybody knows how sensitive this is, and they should know, and they should have been telling us what they were going to do, frankly, before they did it," Commissioner Mike Ritz said.  "All it takes is a letter."

Pierre Landaiche of SMG, the company that manages the arena, explained what happened.

"Some of the assets - certainly not all of them that appeared in the Pyramid - could be useful for other governmental operations," he said.

According to Landaiche, equipment at the arena began leaving two years ago.  Items went to the Liberty Bowl, the Shelby County Division of Corrections, and the Cook Convention Center.  Landaiche said he received approval from city and county administrations.

"Both CAO's were involved in the process, and the staff here at the convention center," he said.

Documents show items and where they went, but they are not detailed enough for some.

"If they were really saving money I believe they would brag about it," Ritz said. "Not as a defense mechanism, and use it as an excuse for not telling us."

The matter is set to be discussed at a Memphis City Council executive session Tuesday.

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