Hot diggity dog: Dachshunds compete in annual Weenie Races

They're little and long, and have names like Peanut, Moose and Little Henry.

About 80 adorable dachshunds were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd Sunday at the 37th annual Germantown Festival.

The always popular "Weenie Races", a fundraiser for the Germantown Animal Shelter, is the highlight of the two-day community event.

Before the 10-heat race got underway, the short-legged canines got gussied up in their Sunday bests to compete in the Best Dressed Hot Dog contest.

Judges were looking for creativity, and the dogs' human companions delivered.

"You'll be surprises at the different costumes...bride and grooms...they come dressed as Santa clause and his sleigh with reindeer," said dog owner Beverly Carter.

Jonathan Graves said his tiny contender opted out of the modeling portion of the competition.

"He's kind of a lazy dog. He doesn't like wearing clothes or having leashes on."

Some weenies wore bandanas and some rode in baby buggies, while others busied themselves chasing tennis balls or each other.

Owners touted the wonderful qualities of the friendly dachshund.

They say the little fellows are man's best friend, and that's the doggone truth.

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