Painted Germantown horses to raise money for charity

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC-TV) - Visitors to Germantown cannot help but notice the new horses located throughout the city.

Many people want the horses to stay, but they can't. They will be going to other pastures next month for a good cause.

An auction of the artistic horses will raise money for the Germantown Charity Horse show.

Caroline Winters spent 200 hours painting a horse. She said the work was grueling.

"Just the process of painting it of having to stand and sit and lie on my stomach doing the different parts and heights of the horse," Winters said.

She painted it with kids in mind.

"I hid lady bugs things kids would like," Winters said.
Each horse started with the same fiberglass base. 21 Artists transformed each into a different creation. One is so realistic it even looks like it has hair."

Organizers hope the interest in the horses is indicative of what they will ultimately bring for charity.

When the horses are bought at an auction in October, 45 percent of the money will go to the Germantown charity horse show. Another 45 percent will go to the charity of the buyer's choice, and 10 percent to the artist.

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