Residents of Fayette County split over shelter

Some neighbors said they are fed up with all the barking. Others said it is no problem at all.  People on both sides of the issue got to weigh in on a controversy that will soon determine if the Fayette County Animal Shelter stays up and running.

Anna Shelton said if it was not for the generosity of the Fayette County Animal Rescue Shelter, she does not know what she and her dog Morgan would do.

"You need to see these people do a lot of good things for animals," Shelton said.

That is why she and other animal lovers are trying to convince the Fayette County Planning Commission to give the shelter a special activity permit to allow it to remain open.

Back in May, the board of zoning appeals voted to close the rescue because a neighbor complained about the noise of barking dogs. But supporters of the shelter said the facility is definitely needed to help rescue hundreds of animals, rehabilitate them, and place them in homes.

"I think that's nothing but good for the county if we can provide a better image where we don't have stray dogs running all over the road, and if we're seen as a passionate county," supporter Melanie Galloway said.

Shannon Cotter lives behind the facility and does not want to see it in her backyard.

"At what point does a dog have more rights than a vested property owner that pays property taxes," Cotter said.

And while there are many mixed emotions on the issue, the fate of dozens of animals now lies in the hands of county commissioners.

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