Tigers West Fuming After Rice Defeat

If you've been a Memphis Tigers Football Fan for any length of time you've probably already seen your share of improbable losses...

What happened to the Tigers in their Home Opener Saturday could make grown men cry...or leave them Fuming Mad..like Tigers Head Coach Tommy West.

"If you want criticize me, that fine. That's what I get paid to do."

"Jump ship...?!"

"We're using the same defense LSU won the national championship 2 years ago!"

Tommy West was hot under the collar at his weekly luncheon Monday...and rightfully so after Saturday's stunning loss to Rice.

The team gave up 29 points in the 4th quarter and lost on a 69 yard

interception return for a touchdown with time running out...dropping the Tigers to 0-2.

But he wasn't about to blame quarterback Arkelon Hall.

"It's just his second division 1 game. The kid threw for 373 yards 76 percent. That's pretty good and he's giving us some running."

So what happened to the defense then, did they just get tired in the 4th quarter?

West says No!..but a few more bodies, in terms of Depth, whould've hepled.

The disappointment of Saturday's stunning loss spilled into Sunday when the whole team showed up to practice except star receiver Duke Calhoun. He was a no-show.

"Duke made a 21 year old decision." West says. "He was frusterated and decided not to go to practice. Duke and I will be on the same page. We're almost there now."

Saturday we'll see if the WHOLE TEAM is on the same page against Marshall.

West says Calhoun will probably play.