Covington police investigate 1st homicide of the year

Police in Covington were busy all night and most of the day Tuesday trying to get to the bottom of why a 21-year-old was gunned down in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Crime scene tape still marks the area where twenty-one year Terry Lee Jr was shot dead Monday night.

And even though police are still trying to get to the bottom of the crime, neighbors say they cannot believe what happened.

"It's a good area right here. Its a good place to live here," said resident Levi Williams.

Levi Williams helps take care of a relative at the Cottonwood Estates apartments.

He said this is the last place he thought a murder would happen.

"Its quiet here, constantly. All the time. Police are constantly watching this place all the time," Williams said.

Police have not released a motive but neighbors at the complex said they heard two men arguing in the parking lot Monday night and then heard two gunshots.

One eyewitness said she was driving along the road near Cottonwood last night when she saw the victim lying in a ditch next to the road.  She stopped to check on him. At that point, he told her who shot him.

Desmond Meux went to school with Terry Lee, Jr. and says Lee got along with everybody.

Meux said he did not even know anything was going on until he saw police pull into the complex.

"I was at home doing homework. I had just got out of school and I was doing work and I didn't hear anything. I just saw some lights flashing. As far as me hearing anything, I didn't hear anything," says Meux.

Police said the suspected shooter turned himself in to the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department sometime after the shooting.  District Attorney General Mike Dunavant said he expects official charges to be filed sometime Monday or Tuesday.

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