Senatobia teen thankful following accident

A farming accident forever changed the life of a Senatobia teen, but more importantly it showed how love and support from neighbors can turn a tragedy into triumph.

17-year old Drew Bouchillion is thankful to be alive, but most of all he feels blessed to have family and a community that love him.

"I don't know how to tell you. I just thank everybody for what they did. It's just nice to come home," Bouchillion said.

On June 23rd, Bouchillion was bush hoging a field when he struck a hidden cistern and was ejected from the tractor cab.

He landed in the path of the mower which cut off his legs.

What happened then was nothing short of a miracle.

"They were just high enough that they could see me and they could see the tractor cause I was down in the thick grass," Bouchillion said.

Tate County jail trustees picking up trash in the area saw the empty tractor and went to investigate.

That is when they saw Bouchillion and pulled him to safety as the tractor was heading toward him again.

Bouchillion faces new challenges with the loss of his legs, but the help of neighbors and friends has made things easier.

Community volunteers joined forces and built a new addition to his home.

"One night I thought, 'habitat for Drew. He needs a place to come home to, to be comfortable and have all the things that he needs," aunt Sandra Williams said.

Bouchillion was released from rehab in Jackson, Mississippi Monday.

The former football player for Magnolia Heights School said this is just a temporary setback. One he plans to conquer.

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