Police search for suspect after Memphis house firebombed

Clayton Prophete said someone firebombed his mom's house on Sardis Street around 9 o'clock Tuesday night.

Prophete's mother Annie was home with his cousin when they heard the windows shatter, and a bottle with a burning rag inside slammed onto the vinyl floor.

"There was a molotov cocktail thrown into the house," Chief Rom Mitchell of the Memphis Fire Department said.

Prophete said his cousin acted quickly. She got a bucket of water and pout it out.

But his worry turns to his mother who is 75 years old and suffered a recent stroke.

Prophete thinks the person who did this was a man who had a recent run in with his sister after a neighbor told investigators she saw the man who threw the bottle.

Meanwhile, Prophete's mom is staying with other family and he is watching her home until she feels safe again.

Police said they have no leads on any suspects.

The neighbor described the vehicle driven by the person who firebombed the home as a 1980s blue Cadillac with a white interior.

As a fire truck was leaving, the road caved under its weight.

Division chief Ron Mitchell said the truck sank five or six feet into the road. A wrecker was called in to remove the vehicle.

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