Elderly Mid-Southerners find fountain of youth

COVINTGON, TN (WMC-TV) - For many, workouts are nothing more than a chore. But for many older residents, exercise is a way to stay young.

"I feel wonderful. It makes me feel better. It makes me age better and I just really enjoy it," participant Kathy Strickland said.

For the past ten years, Meritan trainer Randy Kostiuk has traveled from Covington to Somerville and beyond, devoting his life to helping the lives of senior citizens.

Kostiuk's senior students do everything from basic stretching to full cardio workouts.

"Just get started. That's the hardest part. Just get started. Anything will help. Even if you're walking in place. If you're sitting in the chair and walking in place, you're going to get the benefits of exercise," fitness instructor Randy Kostiuk said.

"It helps me to keep my joints loosened because in the morning when I get up, I have to get the stiffness out of my legs," participant Annie Pearl Yander said. 
Participants range in age from 60 to 100 so Kostiuk encourages seniors to do what feels comfortable.

"I'm 78-years-old and I really enjoy doing it, it helps me and makes me feel a lot younger," participant Elbert Johnson said.

"Kinda created a monster. When we started teaching, the exercises were kind of easy. Now they're in such good shape, I make more work for myself. Because they're in good shape, we have to work harder," Kostiuk said.

And work hard they do. Because these seniors said that is what it takes to look and feel younger.
Kostiuk teaches senior exercise classes in Covington two days a week. He is in Somerville and Gallaway one day a week.  For more information, call Meritan at 901-766-0600.

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