Neighbors mourn loss of neighbor killed by her own son

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Neighbors on Trudy Street said Joyce Vaughn would often go up and down their street, knocking on doors and preaching to anyone who would listen.

Tuesday, those neighbors said they will miss her visits after a strange morning ended it all.

Officials said Vaughn was shot and killed by her son, who later took his own life.

"The first time it was one shot, 'BAM!' and I ran outside. Then all you hear is like six more shots," neighbor DeAngelo Childress said.

The shots brought neighbors outside and brought police to the scene.  Glenda Federicci, Vaughn's next-door neighbor, could not believe what happened.

"These folks are just the best folks you could live next door to," Federicci said.

After killing his mother, officials said, Joyce Vaughn's son went into the backyard of her home and killed himself.

"This is an argument that started between a son and a mother about his job status on whether or not he was working or unemployed," Memphis Police Department spokesperson Monique Martin said.

Federicci said she knew Vaughn's son was having trouble, but didn't know why he snapped.

"He moved away thinking there was a job and it didn't pan out," she said. "He came back up here a few days ago and was living here with his mother."

His mother and father both minister in a local church.

"Joyce was a beautiful pastor, minister," neighbor Mildred Leverson said.

Investigators said only the mother and son were involved in the shooting, and that the case is closed.

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