DeSoto Sheriff shows little tolerance for wrongdoing

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - Bill Rasco, who has been on the job as DeSoto County Sheriff since January, said Wednesday he lives by one rule, and he expects his employees to follow it.

"If they took an oath to enforce the law, that's what I expect them to do," he said. "If they didn't live up to that oath, they couldn't work for me.

Such was the case with former DeSoto County patrol officer Stanley Ray Graham, who was pulled over by Southaven police early Sunday morning.  Graham was arrested on charges of reckless driving, driving without proof of insurance, and driving under the influence.

It was Graham's first DUI offense, but it was quickly dealt with by Rasco, who fired him the following Monday morning.

Southaven officers arrested DeSoto County patrol officer Stanley Ray Graham early Sunday morning.

"They are not going to do something one night, come to work the next night, and arrest somebody for doing something they just got through doing," he said.

Rasco said he told his new team on day one that rules would be followed, and any offense by those who enforce the law would not be tolerated.

Nesbit resident Anna Grisham said he believes Rasco made the right decision.

"I think it kind of sets a standard for everybody," she said. "If he's gonna take one of his own and arrest him, it lets us know that we have to live up to that."

Rasco said he has one responsibility, and he takes it very seriously.

"I'm here to protect and serve the citizens of DeSoto County, and that's what were gonna do," he said.

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