Items at Platinum Plus up for auction

The dancers stripped for their money and now the place where it all happened,  Platinum Plus, will be stripped of its contents.
"We are going to be auctioning off stoves, refrigerators to poles to pairs of shoes," District Attorney Bill Gibbons said.

Lots of stripper shoes.

"As I understand it there are 200 pairs of shoes to be sold understand it," Gibbons said.

The doors at Platinum Plus are padlocked. The feds have the key and they won't open it until Thursday morning.

The club was padlocked after a two year undercover state and federal investigation into prostitution and illegal drug sales at Platinum Plus.

The clubs owner, Ralph Lunati, is serving an 18 month sentence after pleading guilty for allowing prostitution in the form of two girl shows on the clubs stage.

The money raised at the auction will be divided among the various state agencies that investigated the case.

Anyone can bid at the auction.

"I think we'll have some people who will show up out of curiosity and some who want to buy some item from Platinum Plus as a remembrance. I wouldn't say a remembrance. It's kind of a joke if you will," Gibbons said.

Gibbons said he also expects topless owners from other states to show up.

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