Teachers look for new jobs at surplus fair

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - It was a difficult day Thurday for teachers trying to keep their jobs at Memphis City Schools.

After school leaders cut 71 teacher positions earlier this week due to a drop in enrollment, dozens of teachers forced to find another job did so at a surplus fair.

At the surplus fair, teachers getting cut were offered jobs at other locations.  If a cut teacher had more seniority, they could bump a teacher at another school with less tenure in the district.

For many, it was tough to say goodbye to the children at their school, and even tougher to bump a junior teacher off the job.

"I'm afriad that it is really going to discourage some of the teachers that are new to the profession," kindergarten teacher JoAnne English said. "I wish that their had been more choices for the senior teachers, because I think if the teachers would have been offered a good buyout plan, that they would have done that."

Middle school libriarian Marie Grossberg worried about how teacher changes would affect Memphis school children.

"It's like a death," she said. "It really is for children who have very little stability in their lives and their school."

"It's going to be very damaging."

The changes are scheduled to begin Monday.

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