Mother-daughter team use cookbook to raise money for Down Syndrome

HALLS, TN (WMC-TV) - Mollie Cates has Down Syndrome, and she is on a mission to help those with the disorder. She is also a source of inspiration to everyone she encounters.

To her teachers at Halls Elementary, nine-year-old Mollie Cates is a regular kid.

"You walk down the hall and everybody who sees her -- all the kids know her name and she says "hey" to everybody that walks by," said teacher Angela Sanders.

"She may come in the morning and put her head down and say no like not today and she may walk in with the biggest grin and give you the biggest hug and sloppy wet kiss," said teacher Cindy Ream.

Six years ago, two strokes left Mollie paralyzed and unable to walk.

But Mollie's sheer determination changed that.

Ever since, Mollie and her mother have been raising money to help those with Down Syndrome.

"One of the best things we could do is put a cookbook together. We had a lot of community effort, a lot of recipes were given to us, and a log of donations for the funding of the publishing.," said Mollie's mother Sherrie.

Sales of the book, Down Home Cookin' for Down Syndrome, are through the roof.

At H and A food mart, cookbooks are flying off the counter.

"They think she's so precious. The little girl on the front with the jewelry and little flower.

They're so precious. You just have to buy one," said Shirley White. White is one of the clerks at H and A.

Thousands of dollars have already been raised from the sale of the books.

And people like Cindy Ream said, "I had a spark, thanks to Miss Mollie"

Ream said the books' popularity is due largely in part to a little girl who's determined to use her disability to help others.

The cookbooks are on sale at businesses all across Lauderdale County.

For more information, call the Lauderdale County Bank in Halls at 731-836-5001.

The books cost $10 a piece.

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