Woman worries tree hanging over house might fall

78 year old Marguerite Bobo has a big threat hanging over her head.

"I'm old but I'm not dead yet. I'm very much alive and I value my life. I got to get to get this off my house," Bobo said.

She is talking about a tree she said fell on her house August 18th after a storm. She said not long after another part of the tree fell.

"I sleep in the living room now. Tell me why? Because I don't want that tree to fall in the bedroom and I'm in the bed and can't get out," Bobo said.

Ms. Bobo has rented her house for the past two years. She said her landlord came out and looked at the tree on her roof, but has not done anything to get it off.  She has gotten some appraisals to see how much it would cost to remove the tree but she doesn't feel she should pay for it since she rents her house.

Marguerite Bobo is not sure what kind of damage the tree has done because she cannot see on her roof.  She said so far nothing has leaked. But she is afraid some wild Memphis weather might blow through and more of the tree will fall.

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