Young duo suspected in Marion home invasion

MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - A new subdivision in Marion, Arkansas was the location of a recent home invasion carried about by a pair of boys ages 12 and 14.

Gerald Martin, spokesperson for the Marion Police Department, said it appeared to be a copycat crime.

"When the 14-year-old was arrested, he told the investigating officer that he did it 'cause he wanted to do it like they do it on television," Martin said.

Martin said the two teens knocked on a door in their neighborhood two 12-year-olds came to the door. The suspects said they wanted to know about cutting grass, and then they forced their way inside and stole some money.

No one was hurt in the incident. A neighbor later recognized one of the juveniles, and the police arrested the pair soon after, charging them with aggravated robbery.

Investigators said the teens had what looked like BB or pellet guns, and maybe even a paint ball gun - the victims weren't sure, and the weapons have not been found.

The neighborhood is so new some houses there are still being built.

"I'm really shocked," neighbor Karen Caruthers said. "You wouldn't expect something like that, especially in a neighborhood like this."
(Karen Caruthers Neighbor)

"I'm really shocked you wouldn't expect something like that especially in a neighborhood like this.

Caruthers said she sees a lot of teens walking around the neighborhood, but not with BB or pellet guns.

"We don't have things like that happen in Marion," she said.

But it did this time.

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