Mom credits Action News 5 for getting missing baby back home

Memphis Police sent us a City Watch Alert at 2:53 Friday afternoon. A 16 year-old mother and her three-month-old daughter had been missing for nearly 24 hours.

"She got upset and I want her to come home and bring the baby home," the 16 year-old's mother, Sharonda Turner told us.

As we interviewed her, her daughter arrived with her premature baby.

"Thank God!" Turner exclaimed.

Turner was not happy with her daughter's decision.

"I said you ran away," she told her daughter.  "They say you a missing person and I just want the baby home," she added.

Little Delilah was born premature, is just five pounds now, and just released from the hospital days ago.  I'm told her mother has special needs too.

"You got to be responsible when you have babies," said Turner.  "You go to sleep and have sex and this is what happens," she added.  "And you have to keep your babies with you -- with you, but not in harm's way."

16 year-old Wilneisha Walton refused to tell us why she left home with a man known only by his first name.

But a message on her cell phone that it was about to be on Action News Five was enough to get her and her baby back.  Her mother credits us.

"Thank you so much," Turner told us."  "I really appreciate you," she added.

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