Frayser family's home catches fire twice in 5 hours

A Frayser family was forced to evacuate their home twice Sunday in two separate house fire incidents.

Fire crews rushed to the home in the 1900 block of Driftwood twice in a span of about five hours.
The first fire caused minor damaged to a back bedroom. After family members went back to sleep, a second fire ignited, forcing them to run for their lives.

"After I woke my daughter up, I ran outside and then I saw smoke and flames," said homeowner Harry Sandefur. "I mean, it was really engulfed then."

Neighbor Ajaners Mickens said she smelled smoke and ran to the house just in time to see Sandefur's wife and daughter trying to escape through a window.

Sandefur said his wife injured her leg, while his daughter sustained a head injury. They were transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Sandefur credits a smoke detector for alerting everyone in time.

"Real important. Firemen told me that's what saved our lives. I was asleep, my daughter was asleep."

Sandefur says it's a miracle that everyone got out alive.

"I'll just do what I can, you the insurance company and try to get it repaired. But thank God my family is okay."

A fire department spokesperson said investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fires, and if they're somehow connected.

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