Elderly couple narrowly escapes crashing tree

As the remnants of Hurricane Ike swept the Mid-South, an elderly couple made a narrow escape when strong winds uprooted a tree, sending it crashing through the roof of their home.

Bob Plunk counted his blessings Sunday morning. His parents were about to head to church when the tree landed on their brick house.
"My mom was in the house. She's 84. My dad is going on 94, and he was next door taking the paper to a neighbor," said Plunk.

Plunk's father was just feet from the crashing tree.

"Had he been walking back to the house, the tree would have hit him," he said. "So we're very blessed that he was at the neighbor's."

Plunk's mother was in the kitchen at the back of the home when a neighbor coaxed her out.

"It's an incredible escape really for my mom, especially, who was standing in the house as it collapsed."

Plunk said his father planted the tree back in 1961 when they moved into the house. Now, it's completely uprooted.
"The roots are all pulled out of the ground. It just shows how strong the forces of nature are."
The façade is now peeling away from the home.

Even though Plunk was not inside, he's still reeling from seeing his childhood home so badly damaged. He said it's been traumatic for his elderly parents.

"They're a bit in shock. Worried about what's left of the house and what they're going to do, but we'll take care of them. God will take care of them," he said.

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