West Memphis landfills close, leaving business owners with mess

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC-TV) - Landfills in West Memphis were closed Monday, leaving outraged business owners with nowhere to dump their trash.

Waste management driver Jessie Allen said the closure apparently was the result of a disagreement between Crittenden County, which owns the landfill, and the company that manages the facility.

"We got no warning that the landfill was going to be closed," Allen said.  "We drive over here (to) dispose of our load, and the landfill was closed!"

Allen said officials will usually notify them in advance when the landfill will be closed.  Monday, he said, drivers were left in a bad position.

"It's going to cause a lot of inconvenience," he said. "It will do that for everybody that comes to this landfill."

Sources told Action News 5 the bill for the landfill was not paid, but Crittenden County Judge Melton Holt was not available Monday for confirmation.

Meanwhile, drivers said it was unfair that something as necessary as garbage disposal was being denied to residents and businesses in Crittenden County.

"(I'll) go to another landfill back in Memphis," Allen said. "That's the only alternative we got."

Garbage haulers are asking how long will the landfill stay closed and wonderfing if it will result in conditions that are unsafe and unsanitary.

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