Dire warning from MCS official

Deputy Superintendent Irving Hamer followed Kriner Cash from Miami to Memphis.  Like his boss, he's known to be a straight-talker.  And he couldn't have been more blunt in an E-mail obtained by Action News 5.  It was sent to someone asking about budget cuts, then forwarded to district personnel.

One of the last lines reads, quote, "Unless the City Council funds MCS next year, we will not be able to open school."

He's talking about the more than 70 million dollars the city council CUT from city schools.

"And to cut into a consistent funding stream to the degree it's been cut into places our school system at risk," said Supt. Cash during Monday night's board meeting.

It appears Hamer is towing the company line.  He refused to elaborate during Monday night's meeting, unlike his boss.

"We already have shown very clearly that in a year or two we'll be out of money at this current rate," said Cash.

Board member Martavius Jones is also a financial planner.

"These are tough economic times for everyone," he said.

But he does not believe the district's situation is as dire as administrators say.

"We feel that if we don't receive that funding, that may be a reality we face in two, three, five years down the road," said Jones.  "But not necessarily next year," he added.

He and other board members certainly hope not.

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