Tigers Have Plenty of Yards/Need More Points on Offense

You'd think the frustration level would be building for University of Memphis Head Football Coach Tommy West with his team now 0-and-3 on the season.

Well..it is..and it isn't.

Sure, the Tigers 1 point loss at Marshall Saturday would be good reason to start pulling hairs out of your head...but, West says his group is starting to "get it", in terms of what he wants done..

Now, if they can just get it in the End Zone on a regular basis.

Once again, the Tigers run and pass all up and down the field, only to get thwarted when they get down close..

Memphis High Powered offense, considered one of the Best in C-USA, is among the National Leaders in total offense...ranked 16th...but none of that matters when you don't get Touchdowns.

The Tigers had to settle for 3-field goals after several drives inside Marshall's 10 yard line.

The U of M lost the game 17-to-16.

Tigers Head Coach Tommy West says mistakes, like turning the ball over, or not hitting the correct hole or reading the right route is what's doing them in.

He says when Memphis gets in the Red Zone, the field shrinks and there's not as much room to throw the ball, so the Tigers must run it better. Much better down close.

The Tigers will play 3 of their next 4 games at the Liberty Bowl, starting with Saturday Nights' Contest against Nicholls State.