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Reported by Kontji Anthony

New Yacoubian poll shows new trend among white, female voters

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A new poll released by Yacoubian Research Democratic presidential hopeful Barak Obama does not have the election wrapped up in Shelby County as once believed.

According to pollster Berje Yacoubian, the poll reveals a new trend among white, female voters in Shelby County.
"As much as they don't like Bush and the Republican brand this year, because of Sarah Palin, they're halting their decision making," Yacoubian said.

The tides turned when Republican John McCain took on Palin as his vice president.  But just as Obama's star quality may be fading, Yacoubian said, so will Palin's.

"Once your star quality fades, some of you begin to see a close-up and begin to see some of the blemishes that really are resume weaknesses," he said.

The survey of 516 random Shelby County voters showed Obama's lead has closed to a seven percentage points over McCain.

While white males in Shelby County said they're voting for McCain, the big factor will be white females. Thirty-four percent of those polled said they are not sure who they will pick for president.

"About a quarter of white males and a third of white females are still undecided...are holding out," Yacoubian said. "They are not sure about Barak Obama."

Yacoubian said some of the females are disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters, but he said race is also a factor with both white males and females.

"If Obama had been a white candidate - a white Democratic nominee, just like Kerry and Gore before him, or Dukakis 20 years earlier, he probably would be sitting with about 25...30...35 percent of the white vote in Shelby County," Yacoubian said.

Yacoubian said the rest of the campaign will center on how white female voters perceive Obama.

The final lap in the presidential marathon, according to Yacoubian, does not begin until after the final debate in Mid-October.

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