Tigers Face Challenges in Stands and On Field

Unlike the expected throngs heading to Knoxville for that showdown, the Memphis Tigers face a different challenge Saturday night at the Liberty Bowl..

One, partially, of their own making..

It's against a team nobody knows much about in Nicholls State...because it's yet to play this season because of all the Hurricanes..

Plus, the Final Mid-South Fair cranks up at the Fairgrounds, making for parking headaches and traffic flow problems.

Add to that...Memphis is 0-and-3...still looking for its' first victory.

Tigers Head Coach Tommy West says he's not in the habit of looking into the stands to see how many show up.

"I'm not going to run around begging fans to watch us play. We've got to win a game. We need to play if nobody is there...."

Gametime for the Tigers and Nicholls State Saturday is 7pm at the Liberty Bowl.