Tigers Opponent Hasn't Played a Game Yet....Period!

No Doubt the Memphis Tigers need a win to get off the Schnide in this College Football Season..

But, their opponent, Nicholls State, just needs a GAME!

The Colonels, of Thibodeaux, Louisiana, haven't had a chance to even step on the field.

First, it was Hurricane Gustav knocking out the contest against New Mexico State..

Then last week, Hurricane Ike washed out their game against Bowie State.

Nicholls State remains the only team in the Nation on ANY level of NCAA Competition not to play a Football Game.

Colonels Offensive Lineman Blaine Burns says:

"I'm just so ready to play.. It's like we haven't played a game since last year. I'm ready to get on the bus and go up there."

When Nicholls State gets up to Memphis the only thing they'll have to worry about, other than the Tigers, is the Mid-South Fair.

That may make it tough for the Fans to get around, but it WON't cancel the Game.

Kickoff is 7pm Saturday at the Liberty Bowl.