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Messages posted for the 115th

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for the sacrifice you are making to make our country what it is.

To the 115th Field Artillery and their families - my prayers are with you.  I pray God will protect each and every one of you for doing your best to protect the freedom of this country.  I salute you and wish you all well! 

The 115th left this morning.  I pray for The Lord to watch over all of you and keep you safe. Care for each other. Our country is proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for keeping us safe. To my son Justin, 143!!

This message is for Mike McCusker living in Memphis with his wife and new infant daughter.  Mike, your dad told us at church that you and your Unit will be shipping out for a long tour of duty.  Our prayers are with you and all the members of your Unit.  We appreciate your sacrifice that you are making for our nation's security and our families.  Wishing you a safe tour of duty and return home safely to your family and friends here in Tennessee.  God speed..........

Our prayers are with each one of you in the Third Battalion of the 115th Field Artillery during these hardtimes.  It must so difficult to leave your families but you also must feel proud to represent your country in this time of need.  We will pray for safe and peaceful journey for all but especially for my nephew Michael McCusker, his wife and maddie. God's Speed!

To All at 115th, Many prayers come your way from all parts of the country.  I am Aunt Peggy Captain Michael Mc Cusker's aunt.  I am so proud of you all and wish you God's Protection. God Bless, Aunt Peggy

Our son,Michael McCusker, is an officer with the 115th. We are proud of him and all of his comrades in arms. While we are concerned about these brave young patriots being placed in harm's way, we are also confident that they will represent us honorably. They are all in our prayers as are their families. Good Luck and Godspeed to all of you.

May God keep you in good health mentally, physically and spiritually.  May His countenance always shine all around you and his divine wisdom guide your way. By His awesome power may you be protected and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.  May the Peace and Love of God be with you always. Thanking you in advance for your bravery and loyalty to our country.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and prayers

My prayers are with you and I know that each of you will make America proud - you are a fine group and each one here at home wishes for your safe a speedy return

Our prayers go with you!

My husband is a member of the 3rd/115th field artillery unit.  I am a mother of 2 young children ages 7 and 5.  As a wife of this soldier, it is very scary to think that our loved ones could possibly being going to war for our country.  But, I know our Lord will be taking care of our men and women, and I am very proud to be apart of this unit.  No matter what, we will always be proud of these soldiers.  GO with GOD, and He will take care of you.  I will miss my husband  since they are leaving on the 8th of sept., but I will be very proud to be called his wife.  GO GET THEM SOLDIERS, YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE US PROUD.

My husband is a member of 3rd/115 in Covington, as a wife and mother of three year old and 2 year old I can only pray for our units' safe return.  My husband, Sgt. Lipham, has always wanted to serve his community and his country even now as I send this he is at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in Nashville.  He received word yesterday our unit's activation.  Not only as his wife but as an American citizen I will always support our Military and it's leaders.  I also want to thank Sgt. Lentz and Sgt. Edwards in Covington for their continued support of the troops wives.  PLEASE show your support for our troops as they may be put in harms way.   Write them, e-mail them, support them.  We need these fine men and women to know our support will not waiver.

Thank you to all of the men and women that serve our Country and making this land safer for our next generations. God Bless you all and your families. May everyone return home safe and you will all be heroes in my eyes and in the eyes of the people of the United States of America!!! MAKE US PROUD!!!

From Tampa, FL.  I have two children in the Military, a 19 yo daughter in the Air Force & an 18 yo son in the Coast Guard.  I pray for their safety as well as all our military personnel & families on a daily basis, sometimes even hourly basis'.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for protecting our country, our freedom & way of life.  God Bless you all!

To the soldiers of the 115th,  My son returned home from Afghanistan on April 5th of this year He is still with the Army's 10th Mountain Div now At Fort Drum NY.  Being the first unit deployed in this war made my life a total hell.  We had less then three hours notice. He came home a hero and our lives will still never be quite the same.  Yet I thank God for him and his safe return. I now pray for each one of you and also for your families.  I will say the best thing you can do for your families is to call, write e-mail if you can every day you can.   I know it was hard on my son especially while on the mountain during operation anaconda.  But it was just as hard on me with not knowing how he was.  So I please with you to make sure you communicate in any way and as often as possible. The same to the families.  My son told me that what made his time there bearable was getting the many letters from me as I wrote literally every day.  So Please do the same.  If any of you would like to talk to someone who has "been there!"  I know your fears and your pain and I am willing to offer any help I can. Trust me no one knows more about Afghanistan then Me! God bless you all  and I will be there when you return as hero's

I joined the 3/115 FA Regiment on July 23. I won't be able to go with you guys because I will be going through BMT. IF you guys are still there when I get out, I would be honored to be there with you. My prayers go out to you all.


Thinking of you, remembering you in our prayers. Thank you for serving in our place. Hope we are worthy of the sacrifices that you are making for us.

Hopefully you men and women will not have to go fight for your country today….but if you do, please know that our prayers are with you. We are one nation under God and you are helping to keep it that way. Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you.

Greetings, my brothers and sisters: My name is Michael. I am 19 years of age. It is my prayer that you all have a safe journey. Remember that "No Weapon that's formed against you shall PROPSER"!!!. You are more than conquerors through JESUS CHRIST and you will WIN! I will constantly keep you all in my prayers and may GOD BLESS!!!

Remember whenever the people of God went to war they had a group that would led them in with praise to the Lord and our God always promised victory for them and they always came out victorious.If you make God first He will see you threw it all and be by your side. Fear not for I am with thee.Thank you for representing the United States of American. The home of the free and brave and we know who has truly set this country free and don't we. God Bless you all my prayers are with you.

I want to let ya'll know that I will be praying for you, even if you don't have to leave. Your job is very important to our country, and we appreciate it. Coming from a family with active army it is a little scary to know that we have to go and fight someone elses fight to be safe.

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