Woman claims city has ignored pleas for help with home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis woman says her childhood dream home has turned into a nightmare, and now she's facing eviction.

Betty Robertson says her house is falling apart.

"This just started falling in February of this year, this portion," she said as she pointed out damage.  "Right here it started."

On both the inside an outside, the home's poor condition is obvious.

"They told me I had 10 years to get out of my house," she said.

And now the judge of Memphis's environmental court has deemed the home unsafe, ordering Robertson and her husband to get out.

"I've been ignored several times," she said. "I've been before the City Council.  I've filled out cards for the last five or six years."

Robertson claims she is eligible for city home improvement programs designed to help low income homeowners with repairs.  However, she says, her applications have been ignored.

"No one seems to here," she said.  "I'm crying for help out here!"

When contacted by Action News 5 about Robertson's claims, city officials the original owner of her home is deceased, and there are questions as to whether the home was actually deeded to her.

"They said that I had a cloud on the title, and they couldn't tell if the house was still my mother's or if it was mine," Robertson said. "I told them it was mine."

Meanwhile, Robertson has four days before she must vacate the home.

City officials said to get into the city's home improvement program, Robertson said would first have to go to court and get a judgement that she owns the home.

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