Vols Find it Tough at Home during Florida Week

Y'know, it's tough being at a Big Time Football program that is Tennessee..

Someone placed a large markerboard next to the Vols Indoor Practice field this week with the words: "Tennessee Quit Last Year", scrawled across it..no doubt referring to the Vols 59-to-20 defeat at the hands of Florida...

Well, the Gators are coming to Knoxville this weekend..

Florida has won 3-straight times in the series..but Vols running back Arian Foster today told the Associated Press neither He, nor his teammates are quitters.

He says Vol Fans should be patient Saturday if they see something they don't like early on.

"We have some plays offensively we run that may not work when we first run them. What we may be doing is setting up the defense for something later on. We have confidence in our offense and our offensive coordinator."

Florida held UT to 30-yards rushing last year in the Swamp.

Kickoff this Saturday is 2:30pm in Knoxville