Comedian shares memories and looks ahead to Oxford debate

You may know Robert Wuhl from one his HBO shows or perhaps a movie. He is a funny guy. But he also has some serious insight into the significance of this presidential debate.

Comedian Robert Wuhl said there was nothing funny about his last trip to Ole Miss.

"I was going to the University of Houston. Coming to a football game. And I remember all the African-Americans were forced to sit in the end zone," Wuhl said.

He said a lot has changed on the campus in the nearly 40 years since that football game.
"In the same school, the same place, an African-American is going to be on that stage debating for the presidency of the United States. So, when people tell me the South hasn't changed, I tell them you don't know the South. You don't know what you're talking about," Wuhl said.

Wuhl is on campus this week talking about politics, history, and sharing other anecdotes in a one man show.

Just one part of the pre-presidential debate festivities.

"It's an historical moment. How many historical moments do I get to be part of," Wuhl said.

All kidding aside -- Wuhl takes politics pretty seriously and believes Friday night's debate at Ole Miss will definitely be TV worth watching.

"Oh, I think this election is so exciting. The first time in 56 years we don't have an incumbent running, President or vice-president running. So, we have fresher people," Wuhl said.

People with ideas he hopes will change the nation in the same positive way this campus has changed.

Wuhl said his dad was a Republican, his mom a Democrat, and says he is a registered Independent.

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