Arkansas state police investigating former West Memphis police inspector

Arkansas State Police are conducting an investigation in West Memphis. Talking with people after a complaint was filed against  West Memphis Police Inspector Billy Sanders.  The complaint involves two young teenage girls.

Sanders spent 17 years as a West Memphis police officer before unexpectedly turning in this resignation letter September 11th citing health reasons. It came after West Memphis police received a complaint.

"There was a complaint received. Initial investigation was started. Since then, we have received some additional information and we have turned every bit of that over to the state police investigators and they are conducting the investigation at this point," West Memphis City Attorney David Peeples said.

Peeples would not give specifics of the complaint,.

Sources said the investigation involves two girls under the age of 16 years old. There are allegations of contributing to the delinquency of minors involving alcohol.

There could also be other allegations investigators are looking into involving the two teens and Sanders .

Peeples said the complaint was turned over to state police to avoid any look of bias.

"It's not appropriate for us to be investigating one of our own. The opportunity their exist for someone to allege some favoritism was shown one way or the other," Peeples said.

Billy Sanders, who does have health problems, was allowed to retire. He was an inspector at the time.  West Memphis police chief Bob Paudert would not comment because the case is under investigation.

Arkansas state police would only confirm there is an investigation.

Sanders did not want to talk on camera or say anything about the complaint because he has hired an attorney but said he has done nothing wrong.

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