Fayette County Animal rescue wins right to stay put

It has been an uphill battle to stay open, but the Fayette County Animal Rescue Group can now claim victory.

"Very excited it'll be good for the county and taxpayers," animal shelter supporter Delores Provow said.

Waving signs and banners in support of the shelter, animal lovers looked on as County Commissioners accepted the shelter's application for a "special activity permit, which will allow the facility to continue operating at its present location.

"We're concerned about dogs right now that we haven't been able to rescue, some that we know about and we're happy to know our future is safe. Our dogs are safe," president of the Fayette County Animal Rescue Gina Thweatt said.

In May, the board of zoning appeals decided the shelter was out of compliance with neighborhood zoning codes after neighbors complained about barking dogs. Many of them still pushing for the shelter to close or relocate.

"Would you take your spouse and children while searching for a place to call home, seek out a neighborhood and make a purchase where there are scores of dogs," Rick Smith, who is against the shelter, said.

Meanwhile, others are happy the facility will be able continue to save dozens of abused and neglected animals like it has done for the past 10 years.

Shelter Officials said they will continue to try to reduce noise levels at the shelter.

The agency has already built a wooden privacy fence and planted bushes and trees to help reduce the clamor.

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